6-1-23 Employee Email Filter Added to GET Reservations

Updated the GET /reservations query filters to include filtering by employee emails. You can see this change in our developer documentation here.


5-22-23 Employee Visit Webhook Update

Update to the Workplace webhook employee_upcoming_visit. We have changed this webhook to fire from 24 hours to 1 hour prior to the employee visit. This should make it easier to approve/deny employee access. For more info see our webhook events here- Envoy Webhooks


2-27-23 Added Desks API

CRUD operations are now available for Desks via API. You can view these new endpoints here -


09-12-2022 Added Metadata to APIs

We added metadata including pagination and total record information to the following GET APIs:


08-17-2022 Fixed SCIM pagination bug

Fixed a SCIM pagination bug to use pageNumber instead of startIndex parameter. PageNumber is the proper implementation per the SCIM spec.


08-16-2022 Integration Builder now integrated with Dashboard

Released a change to our Developer Dashboard so that the Envoy Integration Builder is now integrated in the site and is accessible when you click "Create New" from the Developer Dashboard. Learn more here


08-10-22 Long lived token for private apps launched

Released the Client API Key for private Apps that does not require periodic calls to refresh the token. You can see the feature here