The Spaces API allows you to interact with Envoy Desks.


This API is currently in BETA. During the early access period, we will make an effort to maintain backward-compatibility, however, we reserve the right to make incompatible changes when necessary.

Rate limits

The Envoy API has rate limits to ensure that the system is reliable and stable even when there are bursts of incoming traffic. If you send too many requests in quick succession you may see an HTTP 429 status code letting you know that you have exceeded the API rate limit.

The Spaces API allows up to 10 requests per second for any operation per access token. For instance, you can have two concurrent threads with 4 POST requests per second and 6 GET requests per second for a maximum of 10 total requests per second.

Since rate limits apply per API access token public apps on the Envoy integration directory have the 10 requests per second rate limit applied to each unique install of that app. That means if your app is installed by 5 different users each install is allowed to make up to 10 requests per second individually.


Rate limits are maximums limits. We recommend optimizing your app so that you don’t generate unnecessary requests to Envoy.


  • Space - a space is a reservable or non-reservable area within a workplace. For example, you may have conference rooms or desks that you allow users to reserve or non-bookable resources like a kitchen. Each area would be a unique space in Envoy (desk A, desk B, executive conference room, phone booth room, kitchen)
  • Reservation - a booking that reserves a specific space for a set period of time. Reservations must be tied to a space, a user, and have a start and end datetime.
  • Floor - all of the spaces on the same level of a building.
  • Neighborhood - a collection or group of spaces on a specific floor. Neighborhoods can be used to group specific types of reservations or resources together. For example, you may want to have all users who reserve a desk to be only allowed to reserve a desk in the northeast corner of the 5th floor.
  • Location - a location is a building or workplace tied to a physical location like an address.

Resource Model