App Extensions

This feature is in beta. To request access, contact [email protected].

Your app, delivered by Envoy

App Extensions let you place your own UI - including dynamic content and actions - in the Envoy platform.

Users can access your parking garage software, your smart coffee maker, your lunch catering service - without you having to hire a designer and a frontend engineer, and without them having to download another app.

Our goals in designing this are:

  • Make it easy for you to extend the Envoy platform
  • Provide a consistent, seamless experience for the end-users

It’s magical - for you, and for the users

For each company that wants to connect your services with the Envoy app for their employees, it’s as easy as installing your integration.

For employees and visitors, they get to see everything they need all in one app, webpage, or email.

Best of all, building this in Envoy will take far less work than designing and building your own web app, mobile apps, and email systems.

User story - Alex’s visit

Let’s get into the shoes of Alex, who’s visiting her friend at an Envoy-run office.

The day before her visit, she gets an email giving her the office’s address, plus:

  • a QR code that lets her into the parking garage
  • a combination for a digital smart locker, and
  • a link to that day’s catered lunch menu

Everything she needs for her visit is right there in one email.

No juggling multiple apps, or trying to keep track of multiple emails - Envoy’s got everything coordinated for her!

Developer story - NiceParkingLLC integration

You’re part of NiceParking LLC and trying to close a deal with BigCo Incorporated.

They’re trying decide between you and NotSoNiceParking LLC. NotSoNiceParking has a buggy, hard-to-use mobile app… but that’s better than your non-existent mobile app, so BigCo is about to go with your competitor.

Enter Envoy.

You see that, using the Envoy Platform, you can send a unique QR code to BigCo’s employees and visitors for each visit. This is actually way better than just an app, because visitors can just check their email instead of downloading and logging in to a completely new app.

You also see that Envoy has mobile app integration on the roadmap, so employees with the Envoy app will be able to access their parking pass from the app they’ve already downloaded.

Best of all, you don’t need to create any apps, any frontend code, or any email code to make all this happen - all it requires from your servers is one API endpoint.

You add the endpoint, register the integration, and win the contract.

More power, coming soon

Our first two UI Extension Points - places in the Envoy platform where you can put your UI - are released. These are in the emails sent to employees and the invite emails sent to visitors.

In the coming quarters we’ll be opening up more and more of the platform, such as badges you can print, and action buttons in the mobile and web app.

Next Steps

If you have questions about our plans or ways you want to use the Envoy platform, contact us.

If you’re developer and want to start making an App Extension now, check out our technical guide.