Learn how to list your app on the Envoy integration directory.

Listing your app on the Envoy Integration Directory is the best way to promote your app to Envoy customers. Listing on the directory is free. You can reach over 10,000 businesses on the Envoy platform to grow your business.


By default all apps are unlisted, but you can create a listing for your app at any time. Learn how.

Submitting your app

When you’re ready to make your app available on the Envoy Integration Directory you will need to submit it for approval. All apps listed on the directory must go through Envoy's app review process. Once your app is approved it will be listed on Envoy Integration Directory and be made available for customers to install on the Envoy Dashboard.

Benefits of a publicly listed app

  • It has a listing page within the Integration Directory
  • Companies can install it from the integrations page in the Envoy Dashboard
  • The listing shows up in relevant category pages
  • The listing is indexed in the Integration Directory search results
  • The listing is visible to search engines

Being successful in the Envoy Integration Directory

After your app is listed on the Envoy Integration Directory, you can market and support your app to make it more successful. Successful developers market their app through Envoy and externally and offer great customer service.