API scopes

Learn how API access scopes work.


Scopes are required for all apps types. You can add, view, or update your granted access scopes from the Dev Dashboard.


During the install process for listed and unlisted apps, the user will be asked to authorize those scopes. If the user authorizes your app you will receive a valid, scoped token to make API calls with on behalf of the company. NOTE: "Integrations" on your dashboard may show up as "Apps".


Access scopes

Scopes control access to resources in the various APIs. Your app should ask for the access scopes listed below.

CompaniesDetails about the accountcompanies.read
EmployeesUser records in the employee directoryemployees.read locations.read
FlowsDetails about the steps a visitor/employee completed during sign-inflows.read
InvitesData about email invitations sent to visitors/employeesinvites.read invites.write employees.read
LocationsThe details about the place where visitors/employees sign-inlocations.read
SpacesData about a deskspaces.read
Recurring InvitesData about repeating email invitations sent to visitors/employeesinvites.read invites.write employees.read
ReservationsData about a desk bookingreservations.read reservations.write spaces.read
WorkSchedulesRepresent days that employees have scheduled to work at their office locationwork-schedules.read work-schedules.write employees.read


Your app must only request the minimum scopes that it needs to function. See our app guidelines to learn more.